Touch-y Feel-y

Get under their skin in the best way possible.


Wet Paint

If you’ve ever seen a “wet paint” sign you know the feeling of temptation to reach out and touch. Get your customers itching to take the next step toward a purchase with the right point of sale, promotional materials and retail environment. Reap the return on investment with personality and style.


Print & Environment Services


Getting your brand in front of the right audience at the right time is key. Whether you’re maintaining presence in a monthly magazine or getting the word out for a one-time event in the local paper it’s important for the design to do the heavy lifting. Mirror your message and track your success.

One of the top priorities when sending direct mail is to use a clean and up-to-date mailing list so you know it’s getting delivered. What you send and how it looks will determine if you make it to the to-do pile on the counter or get torn up and tossed in the trash before you even make it in the house. A clear call to action with trackability will show you the results.

There’s a reason restaurants use red in their dining rooms. It makes you hungry. Use the psychology of color and spacial planning to keep customers in shopping mode longer. Spice up your displays and make it easy to find the price and any special offers to keep them coming back for more. Up-sell a knick-knack or grow you (e)mailing list with a proper check-out process.

Raise expectations and increase morale with training materials that go the extra mile. Create a program that not only teaches new employees about your company, products and services but inspires the veterans to take initiative and make improvements.

I had the pleasure of working alongside Marie for two years in the Greek Life and Housing Marketing Office. Marie managed a variety of different projects (and always many at once) with grace and never missed a deadline. She is a great co-worker; trustworthy, dependable, friendly, and easy to talk to. She interacted professionally with both students and administrators in this position and always presented herself and the office very well. Marie also has an excellent eye for design and great attention to detail; her projects were always well-received and our office got excellent feedback on Marie’s work. I would love to work with Marie again and would highly recommend her to any potential employer.

Kelly Ratliff

Assistant Director of Student Development at Waukesha County Technical College

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