Men As Allies

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Men as Allies final logo

Men as Allies is a new event/group bringing awareness and support to domestic violence in Columbia, MO. When True North of Columbia‘s Director, Barbara Hodges, asked me to work on a logo that incorporated their established branding along with a new concept for a special event I was honored. I’ve had the pleasure of serving on the committee for their annual Little Black Dress event since 2014.

Below, you can see my creative process for this logo. At right is a finished ad published in a Spring 2015 issue of Inside Columbia magazine.

The first round of rough designs were an exploration of font choices and arrangements with the True North star.

The second round of rough designs narrowed the font choices and explored how the logo would look at a small size since it was going to be used for promotional items.

The third round of design solidified the font, arrangement and added a grounding design element: the circle background.

This project was completed during my time at Joe Machens Dealerships. It was completed under art direction from Barbara Hodges of True North of Columbia and Mary Jo Henry of True North/Joe Machens Dealerships.



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