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Multiple Disciplines, One Name

The Midwest Energy Efficiency Research Consortium research centers are active in multiple areas of technology and a growing number of areas of application of energy efficiency. The University of Missouri challenged us to create a cohesive look that would allow each discipline to stand out while still keeping in touch with university brand standards and keeping everything under one umbrella.

The final approach utilizes various hues of color that contrast with MU black and gold to distinguish between each discipline. A toned-down version of gold is used as a neutral background color while the more traditional gold and black bring splashes of color to buttons and other calls to action.

The website is built on the WordPress platform, allowing multiple administrators to update the site and post blog-like content in the form of articles, resources or projects.

The brochures and flyers for each discipline feature supportive imagery and colors to increase brand awareness and association of color while simultaneously maintaining affiliation with the university through use of color, font and a grid layout.

 This project was completed during my time at MayeCreate Design under art direction from Monica Pitts.


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