Global First Responder

Website Design & Flash Animation

The Challenge

Navigating the world is hard enough when you have GPS, constellations and other tracking systems. On the web though, all you have is your screen and mouse (or touch pad or finger, etc.). So finding a solution for navigating the world online was the biggest challenge for

The Solution

Since we can’t navigate the three dimensional world with a pop-up hologram, a map with the ability to zoom in and navigate between regions seemed like the next best thing. The entire system was developed in Adobe Flash. Pop-up labels and hover effects grab viewers and add to the user experience.

Screenshot of flash home screen

Users are able to click on a region to zoom-in and see the countries within. A navigation tab expands to display all regions so users don’t have to zoom-out to the world-view to navigate to another region. Labels pop-up to display the names of regions and countries.

When a user clicks on an individual country, a lightbox opens to display specific information. Viewers can find information about the government (or lack-of) in power, see stories from fellow responders who have visited, view images from the field and other helpful tools to help inform them about traveling there.

This project was completed during my time at MayeCreate Design. The website has since been updated, but still features the flash navigation created under art direction from Monica Pitts.

Navigate the World

Click a through the regions in need and countries inside them.
View detail page in a lightbox with vital information for users interested in traveling there to help.

See it in Action