8 Ways to Show Customers You Care

There’s never a bad time to show your customers or clients that you appreciate them. We all know the value of the warm and fuzzy feeling. Here are easy ways to show you care:

  1. Send a Note: It can be handwritten and in cursive like your primary school teach always wanted, an email, text, snap or direct message. Pick what feels most appropriate for your working relationship.
  2. Make a Call: Taking 5 minutes from your day just to say “thank you” and see how they’re doing is a great relationship builder.
  3. Smile & Wave: See them across the grocery or hardware store? Even if you completely blank on their name because it’s so out of context, give a smile and a polite wave to show them you recognize them. 
  4. Get In Their Belly: Offer to buy them coffee or lunch sometime. Some time together could lead to another sale, though the focus of the time shouldn’t be on that.
  5. Offer a Loyalty Program: Your business model is to make profit. The more times you get them coming back, the more you’ll make. Throw in a freebie now and a again just to say thank you.
  6. Birthday Bonus: Everyone has a birthday. If you have this information on file, it should be part of your regular marketing plan to celebrate it. Send a card, email a discount or offer swag on their next purchase.
  7. Spotlight: Feature one of your best customers/clients in your marketing. It could be a photo on Facebook, a blog article or tv ad. Highlighting them gives them some love and you know what karma does with that…
  8. Make a Gift: Donating to a local charity that benefits the causes close to your customers’ hearts does all parties good. A matching program goes above and beyond.