Put Some Pride In It

When was the last time you puffed out your chest and felt proud?

I’ve had 2 moments lately that are seemingly un-related, but looking at them now they are completely the same.

Moment 1: I sold my first item on Etsy.

Earlier this year, I told you I was going to open an Etsy shop. I totally missed my goal deadline. I was waiting until I had “enough”. Enough time to design new pieces, enough products to make my shop look full, enough marketing prepped and ready to have a successful launch and make hundreds – okay – dozens of dollars.

Trouble was, I didn’t see a break on the horizon. Work still demanded 40 hours, family still deserved my attention, I had to eat, I had to sleep and I had to give myself some unproductive time to rejuvenate to do it all over again tomorrow.

So you know what I did?

I launched. I clicked the little button that turned my Etsy shop public.

You know what else happened? Nothing.

The world didn’t come crashing down because my shop wasn’t all that I wanted it to be. But I was happy. I was now open for business. I now had a chance at selling something. Was it a good chance? Heck no. But one evening, while watching tv with my husband I got an email. That email was a confirmation of PAYMENT for one of my Etsy listings! I sold something! And it wasn’t to anyone I had ever met before. She is from out of state and she paid me for my work. I’ve never been so proud of $5.50 in my life. Because taking the risk of failing resulted in success.

Moment 2: Wine, Women, & Song Raised $$$$$ for Head Start

For months (since March-ish) I’ve been working on an event called Wine, Women, & Song. I’ve been on a committee of about a dozen people who have been working for months to put together a brand-new charity event. It has challenged me and magnified my weaknesses and strengths. I have learned how to cold-call/email and sell sponsorships, leverage current relationships to get additional support, ask for help, trust others to do their part and take a stand if they don’t.

On Thursday, October 13th, months of hard work, hours and hours of designing, organizing, ordering, volunteering and prepping came to fruition. And it was epic. There were bumps and we fixed them, but overall it was everything we had wished for and more! By the end of the night I was on a life high with pride that I haven’t experienced in years.

Why are both of these the same and why are they making me so happy?

In both instances, I have stepped out of my comfort zone to do something I wanted to do. Just for the fun of it. To say that I could – then to do what I say. And it’s been fantastic.

So I’ll ask again. When was the last time you puffed out your chest and felt super proud of something you’ve accomplished? It could be a sale you didn’t know what coming like my Etsy listing, or a huge campaign that finally came together like our WWS event. Tell me about it.

If you haven’t felt proud lately, how can you stretch out of your comfort zone and try something new?

Let me know what you’re doing and ask how I can help.